Who we are

We are a deep-tech startup with a social impact mission based out of 

Kerala🌴, India.


Safeguard our planet 🌎 and the natural ecosystems from extinction.

What We do

Farm365 Innovations - is a major provider of cutting-edge technologies and services for businesses of all kinds, offering scalable solutions (from 10 meters to 100 sq. km). Our Adaptive AIoT (Artificial intelligence of things) custom intelligent solutions, that will fundamentally change, transform, and solve complex societal, climatic, and environmental challenges.


We build AIoT customizable intelligent hardware and software solutions, terrain-based, animal-specific smart crop protection devices are designed to address the escalating negative human-wildlife interactions, environment monitoring devices, security & surveillance, 360º wildlife threat intelligence solutions, research & development, and more.

Trekking in Snow

The Team

Image by Sincerely Media

We are a group of Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Scientists, Agronomists, Botanists, Adventure Travelers, Backpackers &

The Soldiers of Mother EARTH!


Artificial Intelligence, AgriTech, Industrial Internet of Things, Environment Monitoring Devices, Security & Surveillance Technology, Wildlife Conservation, and Research & Development

We are backed by

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