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20+ stage proprietary protocol for combating Climate Change,





Security & Governance Simplified

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We are an ecosystem enabler and we safeguard our planet 🌎 and the natural ecosystems from extinction. We help smallholder farmers, farms, protected areas, national and private parks, wildlife sanctuaries, ecological sensitive zones, mining corporations, plantations, forests & wildlife monitoring departments, health departments, travelers, campers, backpackers to adopt hybrid-cloud, edge computing enabled intelligent adaptive AIoT hardware systems and software solutions...


Our Adaptive AIoT (Artificial Intelligence meets the Internet of Things) custom intelligent solutions, that will fundamentally change, transform, and solve complex societal, climatic, and environmental challenges.


We build AIoT customizable intelligent hardware and software solutions, terrain-based, animal-specific smart crop protection devices are designed to address the escalating negative human-wildlife interactions, 360º wildlife threat intelligence solutions, environment monitoring devices, security & surveillance, research & development, and more.

Easy-to-use, low-powered, self-monitored ultra-accurate 3D radar systems with satellite & geospatial insights for mapping land boundaries, accurate ground level weather data, rainfall predictions, 3D surface terrain classification and risk assessment, early detection and alert system for natural disasters, crop loss reports, data services, and more.


We assist governments in simplifying governance, streamlining compliance, and uncovering hidden potential threats, as well as providing a 360º perspective of wildlife crime intelligence and activities in terms of threat category, source of threat, and targets using StealthOne™ IoT security solutions for protecting forests, tracking illegal wildlife trade, and conducting smart wildlife surveys.

Privacy & Security

We assist everyone on the planet to strengthen the resilience of your present essential infrastructure to reduce security blind spots by providing complete solutions to enable your privacy, security, and data governance initiatives. Integrate with common security technologies with tailored and configurable steps to ensure your data correlates with other security data and standards.